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How to Choose the Right Solar Manufacturer

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When you are looking for a manufacturer of solar panel, consider these factors.


Today, there are so many new industries and is rapidly evolving, some companies could come and go before your warranty will end so you have to look for manufacturers that is in the market for around ten years and might stick around longer.


Your roof has only limited space and not all of it is facing to the right direction or maybe not the right angle or the exposure that could accommodate solar panels. Adding a few more solar panels could maximize your roof space and at the same time lower your cost on the installation. It is recommended that you choose panels that can pull at least 230 watts each.


If you ever wanted to have a fewer number of solar panels but more powerful, consider panels having at least 16.5 efficiency rating, this is the average rating of the best solar panels so if you have higher rating means that your panel is doing a great job. The efficiency rating is measured by its power output and its relation to the surface area of the panel and the power input from the sun.

Customer service

There will come a time that you will need to contact your installer but just in case that your installer is not around anymore, you can still take advantage of your panel’s manufacturer. The manufacturer should have a website where you can get the updated contact information for you to call or email. They could be able to provide you an installer they would prefer that is close to your area.

After finding the right manufacturer, it’s time to look for an Austin solar installer.

The most important when calling an installer is to ask for a quote and here are the things to consider when calling an installer.

Customer service

If they could not give you a great customer service when you called, just imagine what it’s like having that kind of service for more of less 25 years.


Always look for a 25-year warranty for panels, labor and inverter. If you do not have to replace your current inverter before your panel, then you already lessen the things to worry.

Guarantee Credit

Some installers will pay per kilowatt-hour if their panel installed to you fall below their promised rate of production. Ask how to track the production rate and keep an eye for it.


It is always best to choose a local installer. If possible to look for a business that the person who handles the job is the owner itself for they are the people who are nest to work with. It’s much harder for managers in a big company in making hard decision when the boss of the company is just after sales while the cost goes on them.

Customer Reviews

Always check the online reviews before going the installer a go signal for the installation. Having good reviews means good service.

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